Wrap 3rd party library in NativeScript plugin - can't find variable



I have a 3rd party library for iOS provided in the following format:
–Framework1 (the executable)

–Framework2 (the executable)

— lots of .png files
— lots of .png files
— lots of .png files

Framework1 depends on Framework2, so I need to include both frameworks into my plugin.

Using the seed project, I’ve tried several different ways to successfully get my plugin working. The most successful has been to:

  1. copy both framework folders directly to platforms/ios folder
  2. change build.xcconfig, adding OTHER_LDFLAGS = $(inherited) -framework “Framework1” -framework “Framework2”

The result of this is that when my typescript first calls an instance of anything from my framework, I get the following error:
Can’t find variable: myFrameworkVariable


It’s very generic, you are accessing undefined variable myFrameworkVariable. Do you have a repo for this plugin?