Windows UWP support?


Deal breaker for me using nativescript over reactnative is UWP support.
via google, i found your UWP blog from over 18 months ago
reference in your site docs about accessing windows api’s… no windows phone/app UWP support.

i’d prefer to use nativescript over reactnative, as NS appears more polished and impressed with the tool set and VScode integration.

UWP is a must, when is it due in NS?, MS are behind reactnative.


Hey @NezzaGrey,

Thanks for reaching out, and awesome that you’re liking NativeScript :smile:. Straight to the point though—we’re not actively working on UWP support because 1) it’s a ton of work to add a new platform and commit to supporting that platform indefinitely, and 2) we’re not seeing nearly enough demand from our community to justify taking on that work.

That doesn’t mean that UWP support in NativeScript will never happen, but it’s not coming in the short term because we’re just not seeing the demand. That can always change though. I’d encourage you to add your use case to the GitHub issue open for adding UWP support in NativeScript: Yes, the issue is somewhat ancient, but we really do pay attention to well-thought-out comments during roadmap discussions.

I’ll note two other things. First, our initial work on making a Windows runtime is completely open source and available on GitHub: We’d love to have community help to make the new runtime a reality.

Second, one option you have is to build your iOS and Android apps with NativeScript and Angular, and to use our code sharing approaches (see to share your Angular code with other apps. You could take that approach to share Angular code between your NativeScript apps and your UWP apps if you use something like Electron. This approach isn’t ideal, as you’d probably prefer to build a completely native UWP app, but it’s something to consider if you’re open to using Electron.

Anyways, hopefully you found some of this helpful. If you have any other questions feel free to follow up.


With at least 500 million installs of Windows 10 desktop with a store and millions of win 10 phones supporting uwp, i can’t feeling there is a missed opportunity. There are talks about a surface phone in the works.

There could be possibly no demand because people have looked at the alternatives and lack of support and adopted those instead of coming on here asking.

there is xamarin (forms and learning curve) and react native… That have uwp.
I’ve noticed Microsoft are contributing independently to react native… Why not approach them about getting them behind your uwp open source project.

I was looking at react native, only found out about nativescript via a comment asked why a company decided on react and not considered nativescript.


Hi @tjvantoll ,

Windows support would be wonderful.

I read at your general Windows support question issue at , that implementing Windows support within the current language/API binding model not had been trivial, and understood that that implementational challenge has contributed to the current status of Windows Phone(&desktop) not being supported.

Would you guys mind going into detail at ? Of course the open source community wants to contribute too.

Next, Microsoft’s platform does not progress so very fast, does it, so your codebase would not bit-rot very fast, would not require a lot of maintenance all the time, would it?

As always Nativescript is a wonderful piece of technology, and being able to use it (as a skilled developer) to cover Microsoft too, would just be great. Looking forward to your further feedback, maybe in particular in this thread and in the new Github issue. Thanks again.


Hey @mike.ense,

Thanks for putting that issue together. I’ll pass the link around the team so we can have someone more knowledgable provide a quick update on the current status.



Yes, I am waiting for UWP Support to use NS over all. With UWP Support, NS + pure JS would be fantastic and the widely best Option out there


My 2 cents

There might be a massive windows install base, but the windows store itself is almost unused, and apps that are there have very little ROI. Major companies are pulling their apps from the windows store… not making new ones…

I realize the coolness factor of having one codebase on 3 platforms, but there’s so much more we’d like to see fleshed in the core right now where UWP would just be sucking their resources.