Why new project Nativescript is tap the button


i am newbie of nativescripts and i have silly question, ofcourse. but i just wondering what i saw when i just created new proejct.
here my question,
i create new project with default template, which is template-hello-world.
and show the button 42 taps left. why have to 42 taps. why not 38 or 73 or anything else? is that number have meaning of something? or just random number?

sorry for bad english.


It is a random number predefined on the code of the project.

You can choose which template to use when creating a nativeScript project:
Check here to see what templates exist :


thank for quick reply and thanks for the light. it’s mind blowing because i keep thinking why have to 42 taps.


@mbdrian indeed it is a random choice and the idea is simply to show how the binding works in NativeScript but still … that


42 has become something of an internet meme, it is the answer to all, and everything - http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/history/42-the-answer-to-life-the-universe-and-everything-2205734.html

Anyhow, the number is otherwise irrelevant, the sample is there to demonstrate how observable properties are bound, yet kept minimal, not to overwhelm the developer.