Why isn't it possible to keep a TabView during navigation?


As the question says. I do realize the logics behind it since a TabView lies under a specific page module. But I think a TabView is impractical since it disables the navigation ability of the app itself. Apps like Instagram still keep its tab view at the bottom despite navigating to another view.

I’ve been reading the discussions at #2094 and #1043. They’re both old issues that were never taken care of. Why is that?

tl;dr a TabView should be able to stay in the application window and not inside a specific view controller.


Well the issue really is that when you navigate you are swaping the entire page.

There are a couple ways to do this.

  1. In NAN (NativeScript Angular) has a built in routing; you can use the router to change content inside a tab.
  2. In PAN (Plain Awesome NativeScript) you can use my DynamicLoader plugin (http://nativescript.tools/product/16) which allows you to dynamically replace any content in a the page including tabs.

Nathanael A.


I have an example of the Angular way here: