Why does my page.content look disabled?


Why does is look gray/disabled?
like this:

my simple code to generate a page content in typescript looks like this:

import observable = require("data/observable");
import pageModule = require("ui/page");

import actionBarModule = require("ui/action-bar");
import labelModule = require("ui/label");

export function pageLoaded(args: observable.EventData) {

    var page = <pageModule.Page>args.object;

    var action = new actionBarModule.ActionBar;
    action.title = "Action";
    page.actionBar = action;

    var fieldLabel = new labelModule.Label();
    fieldLabel.text = "Label";

    page.content = fieldLabel;

I even tried the code in the doc, to the same effect:

when I check .isEnabled on the label and page, they both say they are Enabled.
Why does is look gray/disabled?


Hi @refaqtor,

looking at the image you posted my first thought is your OS completely turns into grayscale?? :fearful:


I don’t know what it was, other than disappointing. After creating only a two page app, with practically no code other than navigation, I could not find what I had broken. I ended up starting a fresh project and pull that code over a bit at a time, and it seems to be working. :confused:


no… that didn’t get very far. I’ll go back to Qt. Just thought I’d try something new.


Is it possible that a navigation window is being displayed? Can you swipe your app in all directions to see if it goes away?


thanks for the suggestion. I see that I can populate a list behind it that scrolls up and down as I swipe, and I can change the value of listPickers. But, the dark screen persists over top of the items underneath - swiping doesn’t change that. I suspect it to be something with the navigation and context switching, but I’m at a loss how to debug it.