White bottom bar underneath iPhone X home indicator




since I’ve upgraded to NativeScript 4 I have a weird white bottom bar underneath the home indicator on my iPhone X.
I have optimized the whole app on NativeScript 3.4 to apply the correct paddings etc.
Therefore I want to remove that white bar but I can’t find any information / documentation on it.
Also it would be interesting to know how to change the background color even thought that’s not an alternative to completely removing it when necessary.

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Playground to reproduce the issue: https://play.nativescript.org/?template=play-ng&id=3VOERh


So with some help of @tjvantoll and @jen.looper who told me to utilize a negative bottom margin on my pages I’ve came up with the following solution:

export function getSafeAreaInsets(): undefined | {
    top: number,
    left: number,
    bottom: number,
    right: number
} {
    if (isIOS && application.ios.window.safeAreaInsets) {
        return application.ios.window.safeAreaInsets;
    } else {
        return undefined;
export abstract class PageBaseComponent implements OnInit {

    protected constructor(protected page: Page) {}

    ngOnInit(): void {
        const safeAreaInsets = getSafeAreaInsets();

        if (safeAreaInsets) {
            this.page.marginBottom = -1 * safeAreaInsets.bottom;


Now all my Angular »Page« Components extend PageBaseComponent. I don’t think it is a bad idea to have some base component anyways. There might be other use cases it might come in handy.

If anyone comes up with a better / more elegant approach that maybe does not involve modifying all existing »Page« Components please let me know.

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Hi @hettiger, perhaps it’s easier to not look at a specific iOS version, but rather something like this:

  import * as application from "tns-core-modules/application";

  if (application.ios && application.ios.window.safeAreaInsets) {
    const bottomSafeArea: number = application.ios.window.safeAreaInsets.bottom;
    // etc


Thank you @Eddy

I have updated my code sample.

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