Which technology projects like Nativescript are there, in the sense a native platform to Javascript+native reflection proxy binding?


Hi, I just posted this question on StackOverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46407491/which-technology-projects-like-nativescript-are-there-in-the-sense-a-native-pla

Please see it. Maybe this thread is a better place to discuss it.

I believe the outcome of the discussion will be that, for all my purposes, where Javascript is totally superior, Nativescript is indeed the superior and only solution to the problem.

My question being:

What solutions are there out there to the problem of bridging the Android+Java and the iOS+Objective C languages+API:s into Javascript using an automatic language binding and automatic API reflection?

I can’t find this exact question discussed anywhere though so wanted to bring it up with you here, thanks!