Where are the macos instructions for creating a new emulator?


Following the instructions for getting started with nativescript, the docs take you here:


And say to create an android emulator. Except there are no instructions here for mac users. To make matters worse, afaik, there is no android gui available in the sdk anymore (on a mac/linux at least). I ended up getting things to work by installing Android Studio, pointing the studio to use the sdk installed by nativescript, and then proceeding to add emulators the way you normally would in android studio.

Is that currently the best approach? If so, the docs realllllllly need that added, it was painful to not have this info-


Those docs are kind of outdated.

You can do what you want from the command line (I think), but now the commands are different, and there’s no GUI, except for Android Studio.

I don’t have the computer at hand, but if you are using a Mac, something like this should run the emulator:

$ANDROID_HOME/tools/bin/emulator -avd [device name]

There should be a similar command to do what you want, check the Android official documentation.

As a side note, the installation script used to work flawlessly until TNS 2.5, but after 3.0 it requires some extra work… But I think it has something to do with changes in the Android SDK.

Using Android Studio is a good idea for now, but I ended with the SDK installed in two separate places, and having to modify various system path variables (exporting in .bash_profile, etc.)


Ok, thanks for confirming. Yes, I ended up finding the way it an emulator can be added through the command line, but all the docs said you could do it through the gui, so I ended up doing it that way at first, just to make sure I was doing it right.

It’s a shame the docs are out of date now. The install script works so well for everything else, you expect the rest of the instructions to work too :frowning:


We do gratefully accept PRs on the docs! Any help to improve them is great :slight_smile:


I’d like to contribute, but ended up trying so many things to make Android work that I’m not exactly sure about the right steps.

Maybe it’s just a few corrections, or maybe it’s a bigger change…

iOS just works, luckily.