Whats the benefits of using angular with NativeScript instead of just going with typescipt


Hello there Im new to NativeScript and I just start learning it , I’m a full stack developer ( Laravel , Vue.js )
and I don’t know Angular . and I want to know if is it worth it to learn angular to start developing apps with nativescript , and if NativeScript support Vue.js
Thank you


Hi! Welcome to NativeScript!

Personally, I prefer using Angular because I had used it previously for creating websites. Being able to create a native mobile app with largely the same codebase was an enormous win for me and my clients.

However, if your Angular experience is zero and you have a background in Vue, then you’ll be happy to learn there’s a very active NativeScript-Vue community and we almost have a stable 1.0 version of said integration. All the details are at http://nativescript-vue.org/ and the Vue channel in our Slack.