What use for collapse list or accordion (substitute)


Hi I find this plugin: https://github.com/triniwiz/nativescript-accordion for collapsed list.
But this not work for me in Angular.
I get error from this issue: https://github.com/triniwiz/nativescript-accordion/issues/23 and it looks that plugin is not so much supported.

Next I find in marketplace demo app some variation of ListView - Selection : https://github.com/NativeScript/nativescript-marketplace-demo/tree/master/app/examples/listview/selection
But I dont find any documentation for this in Angular

Exist another option for a drop-down list? Or any component which display list of items and display easy more detail about tapped item? (not routing to another page).



I haven’t tried accordion plugin with Angular, something I may have to take a look. But if you are looking for an alternative, you can use RadListView - I have an example here


This is pretty cool. Is there a version of this that works with Vue? Or is there any other accordion plugin for Vue?


FYI, there was a discussion on how to get an accordion going, with some suggestions, here.


End of the day everything is JavaScript, so it should work with Vue there is nothing Angular specific here.