What screen the user is when resumeEvent is triggered


Hi guys

I want to intercept application.resumeEvent and start a timer just when the user is on a specific screen. How can I do that?



In your entry point, app.ts/app.js file is where you’ll set this up most likely (I would anyway).
You’ll need the application and ui/frame module. So import those and then we can code :thumbsup:
We’ll use the onResume event http://docs.nativescript.org/api-reference/modules/application.html#onresume
and the frame module’s currentPage prop http://docs.nativescript.org/api-reference/classes/ui_frame.frame.html#currentpage

import * as app from "application";
import { Frame } from "ui/frame";

app.onResume = (() => {
    let currentPage = Frame.currentPage;

    if (currentPage === somePageYouWant) {
        /// setup your timer


I had to do something little different but I could get in what page the user is.

My .html / .xml file:

<ActionBar title="">
  <NavigationButton android.systemIcon="ic_menu_back" android.iconVisibility="always" (tap)="backToPreviousScreen()"></NavigationButton>
  <Image src="res://topbar_logo" stretch="none"></Image>

<GridLayout id="etaPage">

My .ts file

// other imports here
import * as application from "application";
import * as frame from "ui/frame";

export class ETAComponent {
// class code here

// after class code:
application.on(application.resumeEvent, function (args) {
    if ( frame.topmost().currentPage != null ) {
        var viewId = frame.topmost().currentPage.getViewById( "etaPage" );
        if ( viewId != null && viewId.id === "etaPage" ) {
            console.log( "You are at ETA Page" );
        } else {
            console.log( "You are at any other place but ETA Page" );

It solved my problem :slight_smile: