What do I do with the store icons (iTunes and GPlay)? Do they need to stay inside the app bundle?



At this point I don’t have neither a paid GPlay nor an iTunes dev account so I don’t know how the stores look like or what I have to mock around with there. First I want to be sure that I do things right before uploading.

When you build your app, by default it generates iTunes (for iOS) and a GPlay (for Android) store icon. For Android, the store icon is in App_Resources/Android and for iOS it’s in App_Resources/iOS/Assets.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset. In the case of iOS, even the Contents.json file has an entry for the iTunes store icon (1024x1024) with the ios-marketing idiom.

However, when you do a build, it will complain that AppIcon has an unassigned child - which is the iTunes store icon. This is a warning of course and the app still builds and runs fine.

However, in the documentation for publishing for iOS (https://docs.nativescript.org/publishing/publishing-ios-apps#app-icons) there’s a link to icon resources (https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/qa/qa1686/_index.html). In that page it is listed that you should not include the iTunes store icon in the app icon bundle.

This is confusing. So what am I supposed to do with the iTunes store icon? Should I remove it from the AppIcon.appiconset? In that case I also have to remove the entry from the Contents.json file. But these steps seem important, yet they are not mentioned.

So what is the correct procedure regarding the iTunes icons (and the Android play store)? Should there be removed from the set or not? Will the AppIcon has an unassigned child will trigger a rejection from the store?



Create the app icons set using

It comes will all the necessary images including store icons set


I’m not having an issue generating the icons, it’s just not clear whether they should be included or not in the asset catalog.

I’m familiar with the link you posted, but that generates a bunch of icons that is not needed for iOS 8 and greater. Also, it generates two store icons, a 1x (512x512) and a 2x (1024x1024) size store icon. According to the latest docs (https://developer.apple.com/ios/human-interface-guidelines/icons-and-images/app-icon/) only a 1024x1024 icon is needed for the store, so I’m not sure how outdated that icon generator is on the brosteins website.

I did find a few articles since (usually one contradicts the other) but according to this github post, the store icons DO need to be included in the asset catalog (https://github.com/NativeScript/NativeScript/issues/5072).

I’m not sure why I’m getting a warning though, that the 1024x1024 store icon is unassigned.

BTW, if I use the icons generated through the brosteins site, I get 8 warnings!


@multishiv19 thanks, I think you just answered it on github :slight_smile: