Webview doesnt open geolocalization prompt to validate permissions


I’m trying to load a web app made in angularjs, deployed in a web server, the webpage access to te geolocalization through html5 geolcalization api (navigator.geolocalization), when i load the app in a webview the app cant open the prompt modal to allow the access to obtain the current position, however the map is open and i can navigate through it. i was researching about webview geolocalization permission in Nativescript but i cant found something that it help.


I’m trying to do the same thing.

There is an article on how to do it directly in Java: https://medium.com/@xabaras/android-webview-handling-geolocation-permission-request-cc482f3de210

But I don’t really know how to do the same in NativeScript, notably the part where mGeoLocationRequestOrigin and mGeoLocationCallback are used in two different functions.

@CristianHCol: Did you manage to find a solution since you asked your question here?


Hi mark, i couldnt solve the problem in Nativescript, my solution was catch lati and long to native way, and sent throug URL to web app, in web app i catch the query params and send it to the map.


Thanks for you reply @CristianHCol. On my end I’ll probably also do that natively.