Webpack: XML Page code-behind not executing


I have slowly managed to tame Webpack for NS - Typscript! (Its been a battle - will do a how-to once I can figure out this issue)
My webpacked NS application is loading and showing the XML UI, but the code behind ts/js files are not being executed.

###What I have done

  1. global.registerModule(“dotell”, () => require("./pages/dotell"));
  2. I can actually see the ts/js files in the bundle.js

Issue is that all/any code that should run when the UI shows is not running. And no errors whatsoever. Just like the UI is not auto-loading the code behind.

Any help???


ping ping @triniwiz for webpacking?


Whoa!!! This is surprising. Does it mean that there is no solution to this particular problem?


@jen.looper @triniwiz @NathanaelA
Can any of you please help me with this? Most of the information out there is on Webpack and NativeScript + Angular! Need to deliver the app, but at least let me uglify the source code.

Any pointers much appreciated!