Webpack obfuscator for nativescript?


Is there a way to use this webpack plugin (javascript obfuscator) in Nativescript angular app? thanks


You must be able to inject plugins by editing the webpack.config.js

By default NativeScript adds UglifyJS Plugin, that adds the minimum obfuscation. There is another paid / tested plugin JScrambler.


Just use webpack-obfuscator. It’s free and basically provides the same root-level protection of the paid offerings.

Guide here: http://discuss.ngcademy.com/free-protection-nativescript-app-obfuscation/


it’s the same plugin. good tutorial. thanks for the link.


We still need to know about the performance of the application


There’s no context behind your statement, so I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t know how your application performs. I note the possible pro/cons of Uglify in detail in my posting. Telerik also has a posting which I link in the blog.


Sorry for my english, I wanted to know if the performance (start time, speed, weight …etc) of the application will be affected after the use of this plugin.