Webpack couldn't solve the file path



Hi there,
Now I am building nativescript with angular app by using webpack. I want to load an extra html file in my component by using webview. It’s ok if I don’t use webpack. When I used webpack, the file path couldn’t be solved. If some of you have some experiences with that case, please share.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Zaw Zaw Naing


Simply keep it inside app resources so it’s packed with app or add the path for HTML file into webpack copy plugin config.


Hi manojdcoder,
Can you share with screen cast for the case you suggested please?

  1. If I put that html file in App_Resources, how do I call from my component?
  2. Where do I put my HTML file path in webpack plugin config.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Zaw Zaw Naing


You should have something similar to this in your webpack config,

new CopyWebpackPlugin([
                from: `${appResourcesFullPath}/${appResourcesPlatformDir}`,
                to: `${dist}/App_Resources/${appResourcesPlatformDir}`,
                context: projectRoot
            // Copy assets to out dir. Add your own globs as needed.
            new CopyWebpackPlugin([
                { from: "fonts/**" },
                { from: "**/*.jpg" },
                { from: "**/*.png" },
            ], { ignore: [`${relative(appPath, appResourcesFullPath)}/**`] }),

Add your HTML file to the copy list, it will be copied and accessible from your app directory at runtime.