Want to fix Sidedrawer for all pages after login


i have an issue, after login only the home page shows the sidedrawer …other pages not…how to fix sidedrawer for all pages after login ?

i set two router one for app.components page for getting login component and the other one for home page , that navigates after login…

How to set SideDrawer for all other pages ?


solved by setting child paths


how to make click function for sidedrawer, that means, when we clicking a icon in the page ,want to display the side drawer


Did you take a look at
for angular:

for javascript

These templates have all navigations, and icon … etc already set

You can use these templates in Sidekick


thank you for reply…but i have a doubt ,in your eg…in each page you implement sidedrawer not use …but in my case i use for loading each page, when clicking the options in the sidedrawer… so how i use this ?


yup…its works fine…thank you again


huh I didn’t get what you mean?


i mean,in each page want to implement the function openDrawer or it have any other option? like import to the page.


I haven’t used the angular template (I don’t use angular at all or know much about it), but in the core template everything is already wired sidedrawer, openDrawer icon, … etc. And from the looks of it the same thing seems to be implemented in the ng template. if you haven’t use the template then play around with it.


Share with you very nice post of Nic Raboy to solve this.