VSCode terminal and nativescript


i am having a hard time with nativescript and VSCode. I was following the instructions to install nativescript and everything works fine. tns doctor is returning good values and i can run my apps…in linux terminal. In build-in terminal of VSCode i’m getting errors about missing Java (and practically everything else). I was trying to reset VSCode, system etc. I think that there is a problem with VSCode terminal remembering everything from previous sessions (thats how i should call it i guess), every single typed command. But maybe i am wrong. Thanks in advance for help.


Are you using default bash in your VSCode editor?


yeah i wasn’t changing nothing at all (i installed only few extensions (angular snippets etc. nothing connected in any way with terminal)


I’m a Mac user, since you mentioned everything (including Java) missing in your VSCode terminal I believe it’s something to do with your VSCode itself. Please try to check their Github / StackOverflow for similar issues.


ok i will try thanks for help