VSC debugger errors out with ts_helpers.js not found


When trying to run debugger in VSC with stopOnEntry: true debugger throws the following error and stops.

Unable to open 'ts_helpers.js': File not found (file:///data/data/com.appxxx/files/internal/ts_helpers.js).

I’m not sure where this path is set so i looked in the file systems and found a couple of similar folders



When VSC shows the error it also offers to create the missing file. When clicked it also errors out with the “Permissions denied” error.

I’ve changed permissions on the above folders and contained files to 777 (wide open to all) but with the same result.

Setting stopOnEntry: false resolves the problem but then i miss some early breakpoints.

I’ve tried everything i could think of and Google is not being helpful on this matter.

Please help.
Thanks in advance.