VS Code : NSPOSIXErrorDomain Mac


I use visual studio code to write my code and debug on my mac laptop; however, I’m facing the following issues:

  • After I lunch on iOS it lunch correctly, but if I edit the code and save I get the following error:
Successfully transferred login-page.xml.
Unable to apply changes for device: 96202C3F-49FF-4A30-B6C8-D8EA1E6CD6D4. Error is: This socket has been ended by the other party.
Executing after-watch hook from /Users/myUser/devolpment/TestApp/hooks/after-watch/nativescript-dev-sass.js
Stopping sass watch
Backend socket closed

2017-11-09 20:47:14.282260-0500  localhost ENpos[13332]: NativeScript debugger detached.
2017-11-09 20:47:14.282529-0500  localhost ENpos[13332]: NativeScript debugger encountered Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=9 "Bad file descriptor".
Frontend socket closed

then I lose connection with the simulator and need to re-lunch the debugger again.

  • Every time I stop and re-lunch the debugger in VS code, the old node-sass process is not killed, and just relaunch a new node-sass, so after awhile dozens of node-sass processes are running until I have no more ram available.

Am I the only one facing this issue? is it a problem with my setup?

VSCode becomes very slow when I work on a NativeScript Project

I increased the number of open files in mac following this post

I also made sure that my node is up to date and reinstalled tons; however, the issue still persist. is anyone else facing similar behaviour?


Anyone facing the same problem?

For android, I have now issues at all, it runs fast and smooth with live updates and saves. I’m only facing this problem when debugging on ios. As soon as I save, The connection between VS code and the iOS emulator breaks.

Any help is appreciated


I downgraded from node 8 to node 6, and now at least node-sass process get killed when the error happens; however, I still need to exit and issue tns run ios each time i change something in code