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I have an app that save some data , I am wondering if I can record the voice and save the file too.
Is any api/plugin to record/save the voice ?

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Do you need to record the audio or just what the person said?


If you want to save the audio, you have the plugin:

If you want to save what the person said:


I need to record what the person said. We are a construction company, so the foremen should select the job from his phone and then press a button Add Comments, and then start recording the voice. At the end, the sound file should be saved on our servers and it will be linked to the job.

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Okay, so the nativescript-audio plugin can be used. If you have a question about how to develop, here is an example.

If you need help, let me know.


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Is it possible to record the audio into a .WAV file rather than .mp3 file using this plugin?


I don’t think Android has a encoder for WAV (not sure about iOS), so it’s not possible. You may have to find a library that supports WAV encoder, or simply send it to a server and encode using FFmpeg if that is easier.


I already have a native Android app that records .wav.
Sending to a server is not a good solution because I need the recording in a high sample rate.

Anyway, is there a way to tweak this plugin and change the recording sample rate?


Yes, there is option to set sample rate (sampleRate in AudioPlayerOptions) for Android. Please refer the demo app / typescript declaration files for more details.