Visual studio emulator for android


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Please how to configure NativeScript With Visual Studio Emulator for Android!
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hey @zaki, Please take a look at below mentioned links,

  • These may help to setup VS emulators!

  • Any specific reason to go for Visual Studio Emulator? If not then you may follow NativeScript suggested way,



I’ve already read it !
i chose VS Emulator because it’s much faster than native emulator


this command

emulatorcmd.exe list /sku:Android /type:device

show a list of available devices

Identifier | Name | Version
226C76AC-9E9A-4EBD-A495-79E8C5C5292F | 7" KitKat (4.4) XHDPI Tablet | 1.0.60404.1
363F7AED-462C-46BD-9FEC-F1DD3B79916C | 5" KitKat (4.4) XXHDPI Phone | 1.0.60404.1

and with this command you can run a device with (Identifier) code:

emulatorcmd.exe /sku:Android launch /id:226C76AC-9E9A-4EBD-A495-79E8C5C5292F


Hi Everyone!

This is my detailed answers on Stack Overflow

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Good work @zaki.

Did you got the expected fast compare to native emulators?

Share your experience here!