Visual Code's "Launch on Android" is not working


When I select the “Launch on Android” configuration from Visual Code, I see a small blue line is basically cycling just below the Launch button. I enabled Diagnostic Logging in my launch.json. Here’s what it is outputting:

launch({“name”:“Launch on Android”,“type”:“nativescript”,“request”:“launch”,“platform”:“android”,“appRoot”:"",“sourceMaps”:true,“watch”:true,“diagnosticLogging”:true,"__sessionId":“742881f9-d9e2-4db5-8eba-1ac08b76e56a”})

if I used ‘tns run android’ or ‘tns debug android’, then things work just fine. It appears the problem is solely with launching the debugger from Visual Code.

Anyone have any clues on how to get this to work?



Hi, I’m guessing you’re using VSCode 1.20 on Windows. I just spent a day fixing this issue. Well, half of it was installing Windows on my Mac, actually :smile:

Once this is merged and published it should work again:


Thanks for your hard work!!!