Using AppSettings instead of LocalStorage - Burke Holland


NativeScript does not have the often used Local Storage API, but it does have a very similar API called “ApplicationSettings” that can be used in almost the exact same way. In this video, we look at how to stringify, store and retrieve objects.


what is the maximum storage capacity of AppSettings and is it secure ? @jen.looper Is it better than using localStorage ?


LocalStorage is something exists only in browser environment. When you need something similar in a native app environment, you can use AppSettings.

It is as secured as LocalStorage.


you misunderstood, when i was talking about localstorage i was talking about this plugin :

And now my quastion is, is there any alternative than AppSettings ?


nativescript-localstorage plugin writes data to a JSON file in app data directory. It can actually help if you use any browser dependent JavaScript library that utilizes local storage apis.

There is again nativescript-securestorage plugin which can be used for more sensitive data. There is always one or other option, it’s upto you to choose based on the actual purpose.