"Urgent help: Really been struggling" Implementing textview within scrollview in Ios


hello freinds,

I have a textview within scrollview. My objective is to have textview which changes its height based on content. But I am facing multiple issues in doing the same. I have also tried changing the textview height dynamically based on contentsize using observable but no help.I have added a background color (pink here) to the textview so that you can monitor it easily.

please check the video here.

here are issues:

  1. keyboard covering up textview after a certain content size.
  2. when you press “next” on the keyboard, the view jumps
  3. at times the entire scrollview becomes freeze.
  4. When pressing delete button the textview vanishes completely at the end.

here is the xml file

<Page navigatingTo="navigatingTo" actionBarHidden="false" loaded="pageload" navigatedTo ="navigatedTo" unloaded="pageUnloaded" class="page" xmlns="http://www.nativescript.org/tns.xsd" xmlns:lv="nativescript-ui-listview" xmlns:post="/Views"  >

  <ActionBar title="Post">
    <ActionItem text="Close" tap="closeonButtonTap"

         <NavigationButton visibility="hidden" />


<StackLayout >

   <ScrollView id="editor-window" >

     <StackLayout id="stack">

     <TextView   id="tv"  fontSize="18"   hint="Enter some text" returnKeyType="next"  editable="true"
       borderBottomWidth="0.1" borderColor="#FFFFFF" autocorrect="true" backgroundColor="#FF9090" focus="onFocus" text="{{textProperty}}" >


please check the youtube video here

I have struggling with it since last few days. I have IQkeyboardmanager plugin in place as well. can anyone please help.




TextView itself will bring scrollbars when the text inside is out of it’s bounds, so you may give some fixed height for the TextView.

Is there any specific reason you want it to grow as the text grows?



Hey Manoj,

Yes I can, but when the user types only couple of lines then also the textview will take the entire height. I am trying to give flexibility to the user to add multiple text boxes as well. Sort of something like Blog. They can add text, image in any order that want.

For e.g. text, text then image

Or text, image, text etc…