Update issue for ios NS4.0


After updating to NS 4.0 I am not able to update my existing iOS platform. I am running into the following error, when running tns platform remove ios
I also installed Cocoapods and ran pod setup, but without any success.

he ANDROID_HOME and JAVA_HOME environment variables have been added to your .bash_profile/.zprofile
Restart the terminal or run `source ~/.bash_profile` to use them.
✔ Xcode is installed and is configured properly.
✔ xcodeproj is installed and is configured properly.
✔ CocoaPods update is not required.
✔ Your current CocoaPods version is newer than 1.0.0.
✔ Python installed and configured correctly.
✔ The Python 'six' package is found.
✖ WARNING: CocoaPods is not installed or is not configured properly.
 You will not be able to build your projects for iOS if they contain plugin with CocoaPod file.
To be able to build such projects, verify that you have installed CocoaPods.


This is really strange - I would post this as an issue on the CLI repo: https://github.com/NativeScript/nativescript-cli/issues