Update Increased the size of apk by 82%


Hello All,

Ealrier my apk was of size 16206KB and I upgraded some of the plugins and now my apk size is 29626KB. I have webpack installed but still couldnt get it reduced. Following are the changes I did:
“nativescript”: “^3.4.3”,
tns-android From 3.4.0 to 3.4.2
tns-core-modules From 3.4.0 to ^3.4.1
Removed nativescript-pro-ui and replaced it with following:
“nativescript-ui-chart”: “^3.5.0”,
“nativescript-ui-sidedrawer”: “^3.5.1”

I tried following steps How to decrease app size and release it using webpack and NativeScript without any luck.



Check deeply for any unwanted files inside your app folder. It can’t go up for no reason.


Sadly, I havent done any changes inside app folder. The changes were only related to the plugins and modules upgrade which i mentioned earlier.


I tried comparing the apks using Android Studio and here are the differences. The nativescript module which got added as a part of my plugin upgrade has added up more space


I guess somehow nativescript CLI is added to your node modules, try deleting it and make sure there is no dependency entry of same in your package.json.


Nativescript CLI was included in the apk while I upgraded some plugins. Deleted node_modules and hooks folders. Removed nativescript from package.json. Removed android platform and added it again which solved the problem.