unable to verify the first certificate


Hi, I am new to the NativeScript and I wanted to run my application in iOS simulator using NativeScript Sidekick. But am unable to run my application in iOS simulator.

Do you know what could be the problem? It was complaining about “first certificate”. I don’t understand what is First Certificate.

Error is:

[18-05-25 19:53:34.811] (CLI) Skipping prepare.
[18-05-25 19:53:34.816] Prepare step completed.
[18-05-25 19:53:38.349] (CLI) Unable to apply changes on device: 0F58B176-7005-4B75-B0E0-12194D044334. Error is: unable to verify the first certificate.
[18-05-25 19:53:38.354] Error detected during LiveSync on 0F58B176-7005-4B75-B0E0-12194D044334 for /Users/dxt103/Downloads/GCSMP_1134/equifaxmobileapp. Error: unable to verify the first certificate.


Hello @debintom,

I haven’t seen this particular error message when using Sidekick, but the “unable to verify the first certificate” error is usually occurring when working behind a corporate proxy. If this is your case, you should check if you have configured the NativeScript CLI proxy and the Sidekick proxy settings correctly.

Additionally, you might need to configure the npm and gradle proxies as well.

I hope this is of any help.