Unable to build wepback from Sidekick


When I build Webpack from within Sidekick I am getting the following error:

(CLI) Error: No module factory available for dependency type: ContextElementDependency

Building the same project from the command line works successfully

tns build android --release --bundle …

I have removed/recreated node_modules, hooks, platforms, etc.

The Sidekick build works from a different computer, I am not able to find any differences (‘npm ls’ is the same). I am able to reproduce this problem on a new project build from the templates in Sidekick.

I have removed sidekick and ~/.config/NativescriptSidekick and ~/.local/share/Telerik

Any help/advice would be appreciated.

Version: 1.9.1-v.2018.4.23.1 (latest)
NativeScript CLI version: 4.0.0
CLI extension nativescript-cloud version: 1.9.0
CLI extension nativescript-starter-kits version: 0.3.4

Angular CLI: > 1.7.4
Node: 6.14.1
OS: linux x64
Angular: 5.2.9
… animations, common, compiler, core, forms, http
… platform-browser, platform-browser-dynamic, router

@ angular/cli: 1.7.4`
@ angular/compiler-cli: 5.2.10
@ angular-devkit/build-optimizer: 0.3.2
@ angular-devkit/core: 0.3.2
@ angular-devkit/schematics: 0.3.2
@ ngtools/json-schema: 1.2.0
@ ngtools/webpack: 1.9.8
@ schematics/angular: 0.3.2
@ schematics/package-update: 0.3.2
typescript: 2.6.2
webpack-bundle-analyzer: 2.11.1
webpack-sources: 1.1.0
webpack: 3.10.0