Unable to buid deploy to ios


Yesterday I downloaded Nativescript Sidekick and tried to launch my app from within it. I cannot deploy to a wired device or to a simulator for ios using either tns command line or sidekick. I get this error in sidekick

[18-05-09 15:04:25.256] Error detected during LiveSync on 2D371A45-9B5D-443E-BD6E-F19796A21165 for /Users/brice/source/class2tns. Error: Failed to start cloud build.

I get this error using tns run ios

Unable to apply changes on device: 2D371A45-9B5D-443E-BD6E-F19796A21165. Error is: Unable to get application path on device…

using tns it appears to install the app, but doesn’t run it. Android does compile and run fine.

Anyone know what I might need to do to fix this issue? The tns command line was working fine until I tried using Sidekick.