Unable to apply changes on device..... Please provide accountId


Hi guys,
I continuosly get this error after lunch my demo app on NativeScritp:

Skipping prepare.
Executing cloud build with platform: iOS.
Unable to apply changes on device: 91B68B88-B88E-4855-A517-64B8631CC647. Error is: Please provide accountId…
Executing after-watch hook from /Users/gsegagni/Documents/NativeScript/ng-app/hooks/after-watch/nativescript-dev-typescript.js
Stopping tsc watch

I tried using this command line:
tns cloud run ios
tns run ios

I didn’t find result on google.
Someone can help me?



I’ve found in the past that I need to tns platform remove ios and then tns run ios to re-add the platform files. This tends to clear up any build/deploy issues I’m having on that platform. Worth a try!


Thanks. It’s works.