Ui not responding after a while app is running


After app ( it’s a player with libvlc) is running for a while (in debug mode I didn’t try for release), the ui is not responding for a while and I should wait seconds then the UI responds again( sometimes never responds again and should be closed and reopen).

did you had same problem?
how can I find the problem to fix it?
what Ideas to debug?


I’d add some logic to the application events specific to android and log out the details to see if anything throws or comes up. Next you could use android studio to debug the memory being used and see if there’s something funny going on there.


thanks.I found one of the problems of it(closing suddenly) with monitoring memory.
the memory is increasing steadly and when it reachs 50 mb it closes the app.
and I should found what makes this problem of increasing memory steadly.
but still don’t have idea about the reason of “ui not responding reason”.

does any one know any tool for debugging for that(I couldn’t find any tool).


do you know any tool for memory leak detection?
is any one tried leakcanary https://github.com/square/leakcanary with nativescript?
(I’m using angular native)


ping @NathanaelA @triniwiz @markosko - they might know of a tool to check on this. I’ve not had to venture down that road yet :slight_smile:


I would try to narrow it down to the line that’s causing the problem because it seems like something is blocking the main thread won’t be able to help much unless i see the lib or code and just as @bradwaynemartin suggested you should use Android’s ddms


I found the memory leak , I’m using telerik-ui listview with images and memory increase steadly but when I use the nativescript default listView this is not happens.
sample project https://github.com/kazemihabib/nativescript-telerik-ui-memory-leak
where should I report problems with telerik ui, nativescript github issues or some where else

and after 15 minutes :

and it will increase with out stopping , with out event touching screen of device!.


Telerik nativescript-ui repo https://github.com/telerik/nativescript-ui-feedback/issues is probably best place


Hi folks,

Can you please try using ObservableArray as a source (you can create an ObservableArray by using an existing Array as a parameter), part of the NativeScript modules package, and see if the leak will continue happening?



I’m using ObservableArray already,and the leak exist with that.



We’ve identified the reason for the leak and a fix will be released in the upcoming version of NativeScript UI due to be released in the next week.

Thanks for reporting!