UI: Floating Button in nativescript-core


Is it possible to add a floating button in nativescript apps ? the button should be fixed(at bottom, top or anywhere) all the time even the user scrolling the app page. ?


You are perhaps looking for Floating Action Button (FAB). You could use the built-in Android btn, or a pure JS implementation.

The forum has had a similar discussion recently - Floating Button

Plugin: https://github.com/bradmartin/nativescript-floatingactionbutton


Thanks for the suggestion @Pete.K …I have a latest question, How can I change the name of the app.


Application ID or the name on the application icon, or the title in the action bar?


name of the application icon.


You’d want to change the android:label attribute in the AndroidManifest. Easiest would be to hardcode the string there.

The correct approach would be to create a strings.xml in app/App_Resources/Android/values/ and declare your app name there for the app_name string identifier.

This is what a simple strings.xml changing the app name would look like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <string name="app_name">Awesome App</string>

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It worked. Thank you


For completeness you may also want to add the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<string name="app_name">Your App Name</string>
<string name="title_activity_kimera">Your App Name</string>

not only in app/App_Resources/Android/values/ but also in app/App_Resources/Android/values-v21/


values-21 will take precedence over the values on devices API 21+, since there is no strings configuration in values-21, doing what you are suggesting would be redundant. Unless of course you need different names for different devices.


Hi @Pete.K ,
While I am trying to code FAB by using this link https://github.com/bradmartin/nativescript-floatingactionbutton
and I got an error which I am unable to understand…
Here I am attaching the snap.



@sagar1911 the error states that the element you try to implement in your view cannot be found. Did you install the npm package before-hand? This is how you would use it from a clean project:

tns create myApp
cd myApp
npm i nativescript-floatingactionbutton --save
< add the FAB element somewhere in your view , or follow the README>
tns run android/ios


I have tried the steps you mentioned but same error coming. I dont know
whats wrong !! :frowning:

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and yay I installed the plugin using the command mentioned in the link

Rodda SagarUX Engineer
M +91 9502315034
E sagar@divami.com