Typescript error on tutorial task


Started with “NS with Angular” tutorial. After installation ran to “Hello World”. On command “tns run android” got the following:

C:\Users\ilkra\HelloWorld>tns run android
Searching for devices...
Starting Android emulator with image Nexus_5X_API_27
Waiting for emulator device initialization...
Executing before-liveSync hook from C:\Users\ilkra\HelloWorld\hooks\before-liveSync\nativescript-angular-sync.js
Executing before-prepare hook from C:\Users\ilkra\HelloWorld\hooks\before-prepare\nativescript-dev-typescript.js
Found peer TypeScript 2.4.2
Unable to apply changes on device: emulator-5554. Error is: TypeScript compiler failed with exit code 3221225477.
Executing after-watch hook from C:\Users\ilkra\HelloWorld\hooks\after-watch\nativescript-dev-typescript.js

The Android emulator starts, but no application is seen on it and the script itself stops


May be you want to check here.

Yours could be one of issue discussed there.


yes, but the obsolete “nativescript-dev-snapshot” doesn’t present in “HelloWorld”. I searched through all the subfolders and didn’t find references to it. Therefore it is discussed, but not solved. Have you a better idea? By the way, does anybody rechecks the tutorials, since with the change of technology, they may become incorrect?