TypeORM support for Nativescript is here


Hi Guys !
My first post on NativeScript community. I use a less-used flavour, which not many of you probably do - that is NativeScript-Vue. Nevertheless, the first thing I felt lacking when using {N} was a lack of ORM. So I worked on getting support for TypeORM on {N}

The example is in NS-Vue but it will work with Angular or framework-less setups too. Only requirement is to use decorators (Babel ES7 or Typescript) and Webpack.

Using typeorm library with nativescript

This is very cool! Any chance you’d be interested in doing a brief tutorial on using TypeORM for the NativeScript blog? If so just PM me.


Sure! Will do that the moment TypeORM merges my PR making this available on the TypeORM production release on NPM


Hey @championswimmer, did they merge your PR yet? :slight_smile:


They did, but they have not made a NPM release yet, so you’ll have to use

npm install git+https://github.com/championswimmer/typeorm.git#npm_package_nativescript