Two-factor authentication for iOS app in Sidekick



Hello everyone!

I’m new in Nativescript and I’m starting to work on mobile app for Android and iPhone. As I only have a Windows PC, I’ve installed Sidekick in order to launch the app on the iPhone.

So when I’m trying to start the app using the “Auto generation” of the iOS certificate I see the message with error “An error has occured while generating the certificate and mobile provision. Reason: Two-step verification not supported at the moment…”

I’d like just to understand if it is normal for the moment. If yes, when I can do it with two-factor authentication? Or it is some problem on my side?

Unfortunately I cannot switch off the atentication because I made my apple ID just few months ago using ios 10.3 and now there is no the option to switch of the authentication.

Thank you for your help!


Hey @nukulele,

At the moment Sidekick indeed does not support automatic certificate generation for Apple accounts that have two-factor authentication enabled.

The Sidekick team tells me that there are some foundations set for supporting this, but that there are no plans for the immediate future.

If you can’t turn off two-factor auth I think your only option is to create the required certificates and provisioning profiles manually. Some others in this forum might have some other ideas though.


sept 10 2018 and yet still the same. T_T


Hi TJ,

I’m pretty sure the auto generation for Apple accounts is not important to the two-factor authentication issue. I had no trouble creating both development and deployment certs using Sidekick/Apple/Sidekick roundtrip. Not quite automatic but certainly good enough!
@nukele appears correct that new Development paid accounts on Apple do not have a choice. Two-factor authentication is a fact of life.

The method around this is Apple’s third party passwords which work - but not on sidekick. I bet the answer is found in using a different Apple API with the 3rd party password which, I’m thinking, isn’t a profoundly complicated update to Sidekick. Until then, even XCODE upload requires the 3rd party password.