Ts/js files in build android apk


Doing a tns build android results in the apk containing both the ts and js source files; in all their plain glory! Is this supposed to be so? :confused: Are the source ts files supposed to be transfered with the transpiled js files during bundling?

###tns info:
nativescript: 2.5.3 tns-core-modules: 2.5.2 tns-android: 2.5.0 OS: Windows 10


Hey @jazmine

Are the TS files coming from a plugin or are these your own? Normally when building in debug configuration (no --release) flag, or when debugging tns debug android you will have .ts in the package so that they may be debugged if necessary.


The TS files are mine. I did both a tns run android and tns build android with same result.

Will retry again, but currently trying to fix Webpack issues!! :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: