Translucent iOS



I still facing a problem with translucent actionbar on iOS devices. Any ideas how to fix this?
Just the items still translucent.

I’m using navigationBar.translucent = false, and I have a light gray (almost white) icon for the right action item. For the navigation back button, I’m using the default from page router. But I have no idea why the action items appear dark gray. I’ve removed/added platforms many times, recreate the project, nothing helps.

 if (topmost().ios) {
      let navigationBar = topmost().ios.controller.navigationBar as UINavigationBar;
      navigationBar.barStyle = 1;
      navigationBar.translucent = false;


Note: no matter barStyle value. Still the same.
Note 2: it’s cool on Android device.

Many thanks,


Never mind,

Just put

    color: #cccccc;