Tns update 3.2.1 not working


After running tns doctor, it says 3.2.1 update is available. I removed ios and android platforms.

I ran tns update but it kept the project at 3.2.0 without any error messages. tns doctor confirms the project is still on 3.2.0.

I tried tns update 3.2.1 but I get the message

Invalid platform 3.2.1. Valid platforms are ios or android.

Which seems really odd since both platforms were already removed.

How can I update my project to 3.2.1?


tns platform add android
tns platform add ios

tns plugin remove tns-core-modules
tns plugin add tns-core-modules

These lines will update your nativescript components. 3.2.1 is a CLI release, and there are no 3.2.1 versions for the runtimes AFAIK.


tns doctor still shows current version 3.2.0 and that 3.2.1 is available.

Is tns doctor showing me the CLI version? or the components?


When inside the dir of a {N} project - tns info will return CLI version, modules version, added runtimes version. When outside, tns info will only display the CLI version.

I am assuming that tns doctor shows the current CLI version, as it isn’t aware of the directory it is executed in.


I’m still not sure what’s preventing me from updating to CLI 3.2.1. This is on a Mac. npm version is 5.4.1 node version is 6.11.3

I’ve tried creating a new project and it gives me the same issues.


Hi @steveoliverc, the command tns update will update your project, not CLI. If you want to update CLI do:

  • npm uninstall -g nativescript
  • npm clear cache
  • npm install -g nativescript

The command ths update <version> is currently not working, we’ll investigate.


thanks @plamen5kov that did the trick! also it fixed my issue with Sidekick which wouldn’t run without CLI 3.2.1.


Does not work for me :
I tried @plamen5kov’s answer, it does not update my project’s package.json
So I did tns update after but command line gets stuck in VisualStudioCode (as before)

It is problematic as new modules start to need new versions :frowning: