Tns run with manual deploy?


Hi guys,

Recently I started developing a commecial app for my company and I managed to get the example app running on an android-device. I did this with the command “tns run android” and after 1 oder 2 minutes of no output at all (Very misleading -> thought the app was crashed and frozen) there goes a lot of info on the screen. After another couple of minutes the app is finally starting on the device. Now at first I throught “Wow, i hope i won’t have to run that command every time i make a change in the code” but after my first changes to the code i was very happy to see that the changes are deployed on the fly.

However this “Auto-deploy” came in very unfortunate when I saved a file that was not ready yet (I do that a lot midsentence and it is a fixed habbit of mine). The result was that the Native-Script Preview App on my android phone instantly crashed with an exception and on the pc the command prompt said “Unable to apply changes on device” and “Stopping tsc watch”. I had to stop the command and restart it with “tns run android”.

Now my question: Is there a way to stop “Auto-Deploy” and do a “Manual-Deploy” instead?
Because otherwise I don’t know how to develope at an acceptable speed.


No, it’s not possible to control the deploy. It simply listens for file changes and pushes it, you shall not save it before it’s a valid change.

Other option is that you can write your own hook to control this behavior if you like to.