Tns publish Ios


I am using tns publish ios

I had an issue with the ipa that was uploaded to itunes connect because I left a demo folder inside of one of my plugins.

I opened up the plugin zip file and removed the demo folder.

I then did a platform remove and deleted the npm_modules folder.

Now when I do a tns publish IOS it is giving me the exact same error.

Is there some command that I need to run to make sure it is doing a fresh ipa or something?

I am baffled.


I also tried tns prepare ios --release and it outputs skipping prepare.

I also went to the build menu in xcode and chose clean.

That did not help.


I did a find . -name demo in my app folder. deleted all the demo folders in different directories, removed platform, removed node_modules and did everything again making sure the demo folder didn’t come back. I guess even though I removed everything it stuck around in a folder I think maybe in /app/tns_modules

I think this is resolved now