Tns-core-modules 3.3.0 memory issue


I just updated one of my apps which was on 3.0 to 3.3.0 and after the update the app kept on hanging and and crashing so after thorough debugging I noticed that the version which was using the 3.0 was run fine and the one on 3.3.1 kept on increasing memory usage even up over a gig and crashes… Plaese am the only one experincing this or its a known issue. if am the only one, kindly point out what I might be doing wrong


We need more info.
can you share the output of
tns info run inside your project directory


│ Component │ Current version │ Latest version │ Information │
│ nativescript │ 3.3.1 │ 3.3.1 │ Up to date │
│ tns-core-modules │ 3.3.0 │ 3.3.0 │ Up to date │
│ tns-android │ 3.3.1 │ 3.3.1 │ Up to date │
│ tns-ios │ │ 3.3.0 │ Not installed │


I’m currently using NativeScript version 3.3.0 to match the core modules version.


please explain? I dont get what you are trying to draw my attention to


Can you try nativescript version 3.3.0?
npm remove -g nativescript
npm i -g nativescript@3.3.0
and let us know if problem persists


okay will do that and get back


yes, please the issue still persist but when I changed to 3.0, issue goes. I am going to check against 3.1 and 3.2 and get back to you


when you change nativescript version
are you doing
tns platform remove android

tns platform add android ?


yes I did all that and before running the build again


please provide your
Android SDK version,
Node and NPM version.


node version v6.11.1
Android SDK 25.0.3


@Pete.K can you please help @michaelsowah here. :slight_smile:


I just tried with tns-core-modules 3.1 and it was fine but on tns-core-modules 3.2 to the memory surge on device climbs and back but 3.3 it goes up until it crashes


what is your application about?


it’s a couple form fields you fill and then I save your data, that’s all


Reproduction app/steps with explanation on what’s bothering you, and whether the memory consumption doesn’t eventually drop after a GC would be convenient.