Tns command not found



I am new to Nativescript development. I am using mac mini.i have 2 mac mini.
I am trying to install Nativescript on 1 of My Mac mini and its installed successfully. And works perfectly
Now I am also installing nativescript on my other mac mini and following same commands as earlier and installed successfully.
And now when I close terminal and restart it and fire tns command then it gives me error of
"-bash: tns: command not found"
I have uninstall and Reinstall node and nativescript both but getting same issues every time.
Please help me here.


Setup problems are the worst :frowning: I wish I knew more about Macs. My setup on a macbook was fairly smooth (over a year ago) I remember having some permission issues. That’s the first thing I check on setup issues on PC or Mac. Sorry, maybe someone else will have more insight.


I had the same “tns: command not found” problem and the solution provided here worked.

  1. Find where NativeScript installed to on your computer
  2. Point your various bash profiles there. For your reference, I used this: PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin/lib/node_modules/nativescript/bin