Theme only applied to main page?


I’m working with themes and noticed that only the main page is styled. At least, on both Android and iOS the action bar remains white on all child pages. Do I need to import the theme into each page’s .css file? That would seem to go against what app.css is intended to do.


Whatever you define in app.css should be common across app. A good proof is the default templates in Playground.


What’s the preferred method of showing sample code? I created a two-page Hello World project that demonstrates the problem.


Playground is the preferred way, if you think it is reproduced only in your local project try uploading that to Github and share the link.


Here’s a link to the sample app on GitHub:

I use the blue theme. Main page has blue action bar, child page has white.

And, here’s a playground, showing the same behavior.


Problem solved

You forgot to add the class action-bar on the action bar element.

You need to add the appropriate class names to get the default styling

available class names are in the Docs


Doh! I figured it was probably something simple like that. Yes, it works as expected now. Thanks for the catch!