Theme on template tns-template-tab-navigation-ng does not work?


Hello, all,
Cannot figure this out, please help.
Created an empty app using this official {N} angular template tns-template-tab-navigation-ng. It comes with theme pre-installed. I just added a button to test the theme.

Its readme says this:

And it seems the theme is set in this file and the default is light.

But the running app is definitely not in light theme. If I change to dark or any other theme, no color changes at all. I think even the light theme is not used.
Look at what the light theme should be (left) and what I got (right).

The theme doc says I need to set the theme in app.css file. Well, this template does not even come with this file. The readme states it’s using another set of files. See above.

Not being an artist, I need to get the theme working. Is there a problem in this template?

Appreciate any help you can extend.



As you could see in the SCSS file, the variables are being customised after your import. Remove all those variables and it will use the defaults from light theme.


Indeed. Did not realize it is further customizing on top of a pre-built theme. Thanks so much!