Textview within scrollview behaves weirdly on iOS. and even more when not given a height



I was trying to implement TextView within a scroll view in the app on which I am working. But found this weird behavior. Then I moved to PLayground to experiment more and think this is a real issue.

check this xml code below and try on playground. if you don’t give a height the textview keeps jumping when you press “next” on your keyboard and opening the keyboard doesn’t move the textview up as well.

same thing is happening on my app where I have also implemented IQkeyboardmanager plugin.

<Page loaded="pageLoaded" class="page" xmlns="http://www.nativescript.org/tns.xsd">

	<ActionBar title="Home" class="action-bar">
			<TextView editable="true" >
					<Span text="This is a text view that uses attributed text. You can use text attributes such as " />
					<Span text="bold, " fontWeight="Bold" />
					<Span text="italic " fontStyle="Italic" />
					<Span text="and " />
					<Span text="underline." textDecoration="Underline" />