Textview text disappears when looses focus


I have a text box defined as:

<TextView id="inttext" hint="Enter details of any issues/concerns" editable="true" row="1" col="0" colSpan="2"
        class="textview" width="100%" horizontalAlignment="center" borderWidth="1px" marginTop="20px"></TextView>

With CSS

    font-size: 15em;
    font-weight: normal;
    word-wrap: true;
    color: black;
    height: 200;

When the textview looses focus, text disappears from the textview box.


Can you reproduce the issue with Playground?


|Yes I can.
Below is a screen recording of a Nativescript Play



I’m not able to reproduce the issue with iOS 11.3?
Were you able to test it on different devices?


I have tested on iOS 11.4.1 on Physical device via play and iOS 11.4 on Emulators via TNS CLI. I cannot recreate the issue on Android 4.4.4 via Play.


Sorry, I don’t have 11.4 yet. You may try raising a issue in Github with all these details and playground sample.


Reported on Github. It is a repeatable bug and has been recorded as such. Removing the scrollView fixed the issue, but doesn’t solve the problem for me as I need the ScrollView.