TextField Width ignored on Android device



On every Android device my app is showing a little text input, because the width markup is not working at all. On iOS devices and simulator works nice, also on Android emulator.

The view:

            <StackLayout row=2 orientation="horizontal" horizontalAlignment="center" width="auto" class='search'  >
                <Image class="glass" src="res://glass" stretch="aspectFit" height=20></Image>
                <TextField #search autocorrect="false" returnKeyType="search" autocapitalizationType="none" 
                ios:width="430px" android:width="430px" ></TextField>

The list-common.css (where I tried using width with the same result):

StackLayout.search {margin:10;} 

StackLayout.search TextField { 
  border-radius: 20;
 /* width :"430px" */