TextField textChange event not working


Hi, I’m building a Javascript Core app and when calling the textChange event on a TextField, it does nothing. I see many people have raised with in other forums and there is usually a workaround for it. Was just wondering if this is something you guys are working on, as I’d prefer to use it out the box and not have to implement a workaround to get it working. My code looks like this:

<TextField text="{{ textFieldValue }}" hint="Enter text..." id="jj" propertyChange="{{ txtChange }}" />

The view-model:

textFieldValue: '',
    txtChange: function () { 
      alert('say something');

Please advise. The id=“jj” is just for the workaround. You can ignore that.


in .js file try this

      var tb = page.getViewById("jj");

outside of pageload

    function onTextChange()
   alert('say something');


Tried it. It works, but the problem is that the event handler runs before the text property’s value is bound to the view-model. For instance, if that function you wrote above was to alert(<viewmodel>.textFieldValue), it would always alert the value before the change instead of after. If I was typing the word Hello, and I had entered the first L, the alert value would be ‘HE’, not ‘HEL’. This is why I want the actual textChange event fixed.


please work on this i need answer for this textChange …
no where im finding an solution