Ternary operator condition in view not updating UI


After updating my tns-core-modules and ios runtime on :nativescript:
I figured that my ternary if and parenthesis in UI doesnt update when the condition changes.
i.e if I have <Label text="{{condition ? 'Yes': 'No'}}" textWrap="true"></Label> & the initial condition is set to false, when it changes to true, the label text remains No
Any ideas?
I’ve gone through the CHANGELOG but theres nothing to this effect


Hey @neddinn, could you provide the code behind (view model) where the condition variable is bound?


@Pete.K Sure. A tap action is added to a button <Label text="Button" tap="tap" textWrap="true"></Label> & then in the JS,

exports.filter = function (args) {
  dataSource.set('condition', true);

What is actually weird is that I added another label to test the condition value and it actually changes,

<Label text="{{ condition }}" textWrap="true"></Label>

But the ternary operator doesnt seem to update value based on condition change.